getting things finished

well, i've actually gotten a bunch of things finished lately. i've been trying to wrap up a bunch of projects that i had started to get them out of the way. so, over the last couple of days, i've completed 3 dishcloths, and i'm almost done with the 4th. which is good, because i hate having all of my standard size needles busy!

so, here are the cloths i made from my own pattern (free pattern in the previous post):

and here are a few others i've finished in the recent past, but only just got photos and posted them on ravelry:

i've also been [finally] getting my stash photographed the way i wanted to, and i really like the way it's coming out. i wanted my stash to look uniform, and once i finally came up with the 'design' i was happy with, i've been running with it, and i've been getting some really good feedback. already, 3 or 4 people on ravelry have PM'd me and told me how much they like it.

i'm off to knit with my sister tomorrow, as she's making her first knit garment (a shrug) and she wants me there to help her and cheer her on. i'm sure she'll do fine, as i think she knits better than she thinks she does! i'm going to start work on a lap throw that will be a Christmas gift for a friend. pictures of that will most likely not be posted until after it's given, just in case. ;)

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