let's get it started!

well, here goes....

i've had my photography blog for a while now, but i finally decided to set up another one for posting stuff about my knitting. partly cause i have friends who might actually read it, but also as an easy way to share some patterns i've designed.

i'll warn you of a few things right off the bat:
#1... i don't type with capitals. please don't be offended, and please don't write and scold me about it. i've always felt a kinship with e.e.commings.
#2... i will admit to you here and now that i will not post on a daily basis. i simply cannot be clever every day. it's just not in me. and even if i do manange to be clever each day, the cleverness ranges from writing to knitting to photography, so i'm never clever at them all at once.
and #3... i've only been knitting for about a year and a half, so i'm still learning. if you see that i've done something wrong, or know that i'm going about something in a manner that's harder than it should be, please don't hestiate to tell me! i'm all up for learning new things, and i want to gather as much knitting knowledge as possible.

so, here's to my newest journey...

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Jessica, aka TopazGirl said...

Hey there! Adding you to my blogroll now. :)