shrugged — twice

i've been working like crazy this week... i've got at least two projects going at all times, which i suppose isn't that unusual, but i'm working on a cotton baby blanket that i'm getting paid for, and that needs to be done before the end of the month!
cotton blanket

however, it's a bit boring, so i thought it would be good to have some small projects going at the same time... you know, something with some kind of shaping or that at least requires brainwork!

so, i decided to try out this shrug pattern... my aunt saw a little (boughten) shrug-type thing i wore this summer, and said she would love something like that. and this was the pattern that immediately came to mind. but, i wanted to try it out first, with some not-so-expensive-yarn, to make sure it was something i could do. so, i figured i'd make one from some Jiffy that i had in my stash for my daughter for her birthday.

well, first attempt, i made a guage error, and it ended up fitting the two year old!
trial sweater

so, back to the drawing board, and some more calculations (and re-calculations), and i finally got guage right.

it certainly does knit up quickly (between 4 and 5 hrs of atual knit time ~ for me, anyway), and quite frankly, the hardest part is seaming the sleeves! of course, that is just because i'm so bad at seaming!! lol

i don't have a finished photo of the second one, as i haven't woven the ends in yet, but i like the way (both of these) turned out in the Jiffy. nice and soft, and it's a good weight for a spring/fall shrug, plus, i knit up (one) on size 11's and (one) on size 13's. woohoo! i love big needle projects! :)

i would love to figure out gauge and everything, and make one of these in sock yarn or similar weight. i think it would have a beautiful drape to it.

and on top of it all, i found out that top-down raglan style is a lot easier than i thought it would be! i tend to get afraid of new things... although i don't know why, because once i try them, they (almost) always end up being so easy! so, it was awesome to me when i saw just how easy it was, and how quickly i finished! talk about 'instant gratification'!!

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