i did absolutely no knitting yesterday. none at all!
which is very odd for me, because Sunday is usually my most productive day. but, my wrist was hurting, so i decided to take the day off.

now, today, i haven't done anything either, but i'm about to plop down and work a while on the strawberries & cream baby blanket, cause i really need to get it done. if i could get a full repeat done (10 rows), i'd be pretty happy with myself for the evening.

i've been really noticing how sore my wrists get when i knit constantly day-after-day, and i'm so afraid of ending up with carpal tunnel (i don't know if's hereditary at all, but i've had two aunts who had to have surgery for it), and i don't like one bit the idea that i wouldn't be able to knit for a long time, if ever, again!!

anyway, enough worrying... i'm off to hopefully conquer a baby blanket!!

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Jessica, aka TopazGirl said...

If you're knitting constantly with cotton yarn, that's harder on your hands/wrists than wool, so that could be why it's bothering you. :)