2009 - my knitting goals

ok, well, i've been challenged by Jess to make some knitting goals for 2009. hoping to use this as incentive throughout the year, i think this is a good idea! so, here goes...

1. i think most importantly now at the beginning of the year is 3 baby blankets i need to make for friends who are expecting. i'd really like to design something special for each of them.

2. i want to learn socks. the bug has bit me to learn, and my wonderful hubby bought me SHiBUi sock yarn for Christmas, so as soon as i save up enough for a set of circs, i'll be ready to go! (although, an in person tutor would be great!)

3. make a sweater. doesn't matter if it's for me or not, but i'd like the practice of making something that must fit right and has to be put together. i've never been much for making gauge swatches, so this alone will be a challenge for me.

4. knit from my stash. i have lots of great yarn, and while i'm not going to say i won't buy anything this year, i would like to reduce my stash a bit (especially the cotton).

5. design more. i have published one pattern so far, and i'm working on two more right now, and i really enjoy it. and i'd love to try designing something bigger.

6. not be afraid to try new things!! this one is the most important thing on my list. i tend to get nervous when i see something in directions that i've never done or that seems hard, and i shy away from the pattern altogether. i want to get bolder and try things that scare me!

7. and last, i'm going to steal this one from Jess, i'd like to get together with my knitty friends more and just enjoy the creative energy of being together! :)

so, here's to a productive and creative year!!

ooh! i just had to pop back in to add something here that i forgot:

8. i'm want to make some knit item for each of my children for their birthday. they have all asked me for things, and this is the year i'm going to take the time to make each of them something special!

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