ok, so it's tuesday...

and so i can't get yelled at for not doing my tuesday blogging, here we go...

i'm working on a couple of things right now, two of which i'm designing and which i hope will be ready pretty soon. one, i can't talk about right now (you'll all know why when i finally show it), so we'll just talk about the other.

i've been wanting to try a felted hot pad for a while, but i didn't just want a single thickness square. so i decided to give double knitting a try, as it will make it twice as thick without having to knit two things and join them.

also, since i'm felting it, it should stay together pretty good without bubbling in the middle. however, to make sure of that fact, i'm working on a design element to hold the two sides together.

i'm using Paton's Classic Wool in the forest variegated. everything in my kitchen is green, so this seemed the obvious choice! lol

i'm also making a scarf with some Bernat Softee Chunky i had laying around here that i didn't know what else to do with (as i only have one skein of that color). it's a stitch i found somewhere, but i incorporated it into the scarf design, so i'll see about writing up what i did with that too.

i didn't get any pics today, as i was busy all morning, and then in the afternoon i took my kids to see my parents before we get snowed in for a few days. i'll try to get some tomorrow and i'll stick them in here where they belong. :)

well, until next week...
may your needles be straight and your stitches be true.

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TopazGirl said...

Oooh, love your new layout!! :)