it's been ages...

ok, well, not ages since i've knit, just ages since i've blogged about it!

i have been working feverishly on a bunch of things, one important, and a bunch that were just for fun. (always gotta have dishcloths going)

i'm going to get outside (hopefully) this afternoon and i will get some pics (i'll do it tomorrow if i don't get it done today, cause we are supposed to have sun then too).

been a little bit of designing going on, with two cloths that i've knit, and i just need to get the second pattern written up. i'll be posting one of them here soon, just waiting for the test knit to be finished.

well, i'm gonna end here for now, so i can get my other work finished so i can knit... and then i'll get those projects outside for their photo shoot! ;)

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