i promise, i'm still knitting!

ok, so i know it's been like 2½ most since i've blogged... don't worry, i didn't drop off the earth! i'm still around, and i'm still knitting. we've had some family issues and on top of that, my hard drive crashed and it took days for my husband and some friends to recover my data. yikes!

anyway, i'm working on a charity project right now... there is a lovely place near where i live that my family has been associated with for pretty much my whole life called Missionary Retreat Fellowship. it is a place for missionaries who are home on deputation to stay since most of them do not own homes here in the states. all of the homes at MRF are filled with donated items such as dishes, furniture, appliances, linens, etc...

right now, MRF is in the process of building a much-needed all-purpose building that will be a gym/gathering place for not only the missionaries living there, but also the board and any fund raising dinners they host. my father, brother and 2 brother-in-law's are doing most of the work on this new building, and as my donation, i'm making a large number of dishcloths for the kitchen that's been installed!

so, that's what i've been up to lately. i'm on my 16th half-linen cloth, and it's been not only fun, but i've gotten quite fast at them! ;) it's one of my favorite patterns and makes not only a great looking cloth, but they are a great blend between beauty and function (the back side is nubby... just right for scrubbing).

i would love to share some photos, as i've been taking them right along, but when my hard drive crashed, i lost my editing software, so i can't convert my photos to jpg. i'll will be sure to share as soon as i get everything squared away!!


PurpleMoose said...

just peeking in to say we miss you on ravelry and hope all is well with you.


TopazGirl said...

Get back to knitting and blogging already, woman!! :)